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  • Manufacturer : Breezway
  • Window Type : Innoscreen Louvre
  • Frame : 131 Aluminium Frame
  • Glazing Options : 6mm Glass & Aluminium. 14mm WRC (102/152mm Blades)
  • Flyscreen : Internally screened
  • Sizing : Custom Sizes
  • Handle Choice : Innoscreen slide
  • Key Lockable : No
  • Install Options : Timber reveals/ Subhead & Subsill /Trim angles
  • Manufacture Time : 12 Business Days

Innoscreen® Louvre Window System

Operate louvres when an inside screen is installed.

Breezway Innoscreen louver


Suitable for internal screen applications

The Innoscreen louvre (131mm x 45mm) is an aluminium window frame with provision for a screen to the inside of the window. It is the ideal framing option for those who want to screen their home but keep that ‘louvre look’ and optimise the external aesthetics of the building. The Innoscreen louvre is also safer and saves time, as windows above the ground floor are easily screened from inside the building. Makes for safe and simple screen cleaning too!
Single Bay Innoscreen Louvre
Innoscreen single bay louvre

Breezway Innoscreen louvre Single Louvre Bay

A single louvre window bay contained within a single frame.

Multi bay louvre
Innoscreen multiple bay louvre

Breezway Innoscreen louvre Multiple Louvre Bay

Multiple louvre window bays contained within a single frame, separated by mullions.

Breezway louvre with fixed
Louvre fixed Innoscreen

Horizontal Innoscreen louvre fixed lite combinations

Horizontal combination louvre fixed lite windows are contained within a single frame with the louvres and the fixed lites separated with mullions.

Breezway Innoscreen louvre  Standard Heights


While Altair Louvre Windows can be manufactured in any size specified, the wind and water rating for the building project will affect the maximum allowable window height and bay width. Please refer to the Altair Product Performance Warranty for technical information.

For standard heights in the Breezway Innoscreen louvre Frame please see the size chart to the right. Off Standard heights are available but this will add cost and result in a fixed louvre blade to act as a filler piece. The sizes for Altair Powerlouvres in an Breezway Innoscreen Frame are also highlighted to the right.

Please note:

  • Standard Heights are measured from the lowest visible metal to the uppermost visible metal of the frame and excludes fins.
  • Off Standard Heights that are more than 5mm greater than or less than a Standard Height will have a top fixed blade to achieve the specified height. Off Standard heights that are within 5mm of a Standard Height will not have a fixed top blade.
  • Some off-standard heights are unavailable when using the 102mm Altair Louvre Galleries with the Stronghold System. For the Innoscreen System these include: Standard Height + 26mm to Standard Height + 37mm.
  • Refer to the product performance warranty on possible height restrictions for different blade types.
  • Standard sizes will save money and improve lead times.

Innoscreen louvre Widths

There are no standard Altair Louvre widths. The desired window width can be achieved through multiple louvre bays (maximum bay width is 4000mm). The bay width may be affected by Building code rules. Please discuss with your Breezway Dealer and builder.

Maximum Glass Blade width subject to windload & fall prevention:


Maximum Stronghold Glass Blade width subject to windload & fall prevention:


Blade Formulas

For allowable length of blades refer to AS1288 and Breezway Louvre Window’s Product Performance Warranty.

Breezway Innoscreen Window System
Actual Height / Standard Height Dim. A
Dim. B Overall Height Dim. A + 40mm
Frame width Dim. C
Innoscreen Frame: Glass, aluminium & rebated timber blade length Dim. C -102mm
Innoscreen Frame: Glass & aluminium Stronghold blade length Dim. C – 98mm
Innoscreen Frame: Straight cut timber blade length Dim. C – 122mm

Extension Blade Formulas Innoscreen Frame
Glass & Aluminium Blades x = Channel extension +13mm
Timber Blades x = Channel extension +17mm


Note: Flatness tolerance of +/- 0.35mm per metre.

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