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  • Manufacturer : Breezway
  • Window Type : SL2 Slimline
  • Frame : 55mm Aluminium
  • Glazing Options : 6mm Glass & Aluminium. 14mm WRC (102/152mm Blades)
  • Flyscreen : No
  • Sizing : Custom Sizes
  • Handle Choice : Altair/Low Profile/P13
  • Key Lockable : Yes
  • Install Options : Timber reveals/Trim angles
  • Manufacture Time : 10-12 Business Days

SL2® Louvre Window System

Suitable for narrow frame applications

Featuring modern architectural lines, the SL2 Altair Louver window system (52mm x 25mm) has been developed to suit narrow frame applications and installation into concrete block construction when screening is not required. The SL2 Louver window system can effectively bring natural light and ventilation into the building to reduce the need for power-hungry artificial cooling systems. A build out is required to fit a screen to the outside of the SL2 louvre Window Frame. The Easyscreen and Innoscreen Windows may be preferable if a screen is to be fitted.

SL2 Single Bay Louver
SIngle bay SL2 Louvre

SL2 Louver single window Bay

A single louver window bay contained within a single frame.

SL2 louvre Standard Heights

No. of Blades Standard Height Standard Height
152mm Blades 102mm Blades
2 358
3 498 348
4 638 438
5 778 528
6 918 618
7 1058 708
8 1198 798
9 1338 888
10 1478 978
11 1618 1068
12 1758 1158
13 1898 1248
14 2038 1338
14 Ext 2100
15 2178 1428
16 2318 1518
16 Ext 2400
17 2458 1608
18 2598 1698
19 2738 1788
20 2878 1878
21 3018 1968
22 2058
22 Ext 2100
23 2148
24 2238
25 2328
26 2418
27 2508
28 2598
29 2688
30 2778
31 2868
32 2958
33 3048

While Altair SL2 Louver Window can be manufactured in any size specified, the wind and water rating for the building project will affect the maximum allowable window height and bay width. Please refer to the Altair Product Performance Warranty for technical information.

For standard heights in the Breezway SL2 Frame please see the size chart to the right. Off Standard heights are available but this will add cost and result in a fixed louvre blade to act as a filler piece.

Please note:

  • Standard Heights are measured from the lowest visible metal to the uppermost visible metal of the frame and excludes fins.
  • Off Standard Heights that are more than 5mm greater than or less than a Standard Height will have a top fixed blade to achieve the specified height. Off Standard heights that are within 5mm of a Standard Height will not have a fixed top blade.
  • Some off-standard heights are unavailable when using the 102mm Altair Louvre Galleries with the Stronghold System. For the SL2 System these include: Standard Height + 19mm to Standard Height + 30mm.
  • Refer to the product performance warranty on possible height restrictions for different blade types.
  • Standard sizes will save money and improve lead times.

SL2 Widths

There are no standard Altair Louver window widths. The desired window width can be achieved through multiple louvre bays (maximum bay width is 4000mm). The bay width may be affected by Building code rules. Please discuss with your Breezway Dealer and builder.

Maximum width based on rating of 1000Pa SLS are:

Maximum Glass Blade width subject to windload & fall prevention:


Maximum Stronghold Glass Blade width subject to windload & fall prevention:


Blade Formulas

For allowable length of blades refer to AS1288 and Breezway Louver Window Product Performance Warranty.

Breezway SL2 Louver Window System
Actual Height / Standard Height Dim. A
Dim. B Overall Height Dim. A + 40mm
Frame width Dim. C
SL2 Frame: Glass, aluminium & rebated timber blade length Dim. C – 102mm
SL2 Frame: Glass & aluminium Stronghold blade length Dim. C – 98mm
SL2 Frame: Straight cut timber blade length Dim. C – 122mm

Extension Blade Formulas SL2 Frame
Glass & Aluminium Blades x = Channel extension +20mm
Timber Blades x = Channel extension +24mm



Note: Flatness tolerance of +/- 0.35mm per metre.


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